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Cardiology Specialist

Amsterdam Medical Practice

Internists located in Washington Heights, New York, NY

People with high blood pressure, heart disease, irregular heartbeats, or congenital heart defects need specialized care that addresses their individual needs. Finding doctors who can help manage symptoms and improve overall health is the key to maintaining excellent health. With three experienced cardiologists on staff four days a week, Amsterdam Medical Practice in Washington Heights in New York is specially positioned to provide state-of-the-art exams, specialized care, and targeted treatments to those who need it most. Call or schedule an appointment online to find a doctor to help you manage your heart-related health concerns.

Cardiology Q & A

What do cardiologists do?

These doctors are cardiovascular system experts. They care for all matters relating to the function of the heart and the blood vessels connected to it. Cardiologists diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses and diseases, including high blood pressure and heart disease.

Some cardiologists practice general cardiology while others specialize in the treatment of certain diseases or disorders, such as congenital heart defects.

How do cardiologists check the heart?

Amsterdam Medical Practice’s cardiologists use a variety of sophisticated exams. For example:

Venous duplex scans

Venous duplex scans create images of the veins that carry blood back to the heart. Doctors use the scan to assess the health of veins that carry blood through the upper body or the lower body.  

Arterial duplex scans

Arterial duplex scans help cardiologists determine the health of the arteries in the neck, arms, and legs. The scans use ultrasound technology to look deep into the body and create images that can provide information useful to each patient’s care.  


Cardiologists use echocardiograms to see the heart in real time. Sometimes called “heart ultrasounds,” echocardiograms use sound waves to see how the heart and the blood vessels around it are functioning. Doctors prefer echocardiograms over more invasive treatments because they’re over quickly and are completely painless.

What conditions do cardiologists treat?

Cardiologists diagnose and treat several different illnesses and conditions of the heart and blood vessels. These include:

Chest pain

Pain in the chest and the abdominal area may indicate more severe conditions, including heart attacks and heart disease. Other conditions like asthma, heartburn, or digestive issues may also cause it.

Congestive heart disease

Congestive heart disease is the weakening of sections of the heart, resulting in a decreased ability of the heart to pump blood. Symptoms of heart disease include swelling of the extremities, feelings of tiredness, and a persistent cough.

Additional illnesses and diseases treated by cardiologists include but are not limited to:

  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart attack
  • Aneurysms
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Angina
  • Arrhythmia

Receive compassionate care for your heart from the experienced cardiologists at Amsterdam Medical Practice. Call to make an appointment, or book online today.