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Pain Management Specialist

Amsterdam Medical Practice

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The dull aches, pulsating pains, and general discomfort of chronic pain can make enjoying the simple pleasures of life a challenge. Selecting doctors who know how to manage and alleviate pain and who are committed to improving quality of life is essential to achieving improved health. The experienced doctors of physical medicine and rehabilitation on the team at Amsterdam Medical Practice in Washington Heights in New York provide the highest quality care, creating treatment plans tailored to each patient. Call or schedule an appointment online to get the treatment you need to manage your pain.

Pain Management Q & A

What is pain management?

Pain management is a special area of medicine dedicated to alleviating pain. Pain management physicians are trained in diagnosing and treating pain as well as in anesthesiology and physiatry. They often work with your primary care physician and other specialists, including neurologists and orthopedists, to create a specialized plan for your well-being.  

Who benefits from pain management?

The goal of pain management is to improve the quality of life of individuals who experience severe pain. Anyone who suffers significant pain can benefit from treatment by a pain management physician. These physicians typically treat pain that falls in one of two categories.

Acute pain

Acute pain is often the result of injury to your bones, muscles, or organs. It can occur without warning and doesn’t last long.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain can last for a very long time. It’s thought to be caused by damage to the nerves and often accompanies chronic illnesses like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Infections, back problems, and migraine headaches can trigger it.

What treatment options are available for pain management?

Pain management physicians treat individuals who experience pain with a combination of different methods:

Drug therapy

Your physician may prescribe over-the-counter drugs to alleviate pain that’s not considered to be very severe. You may have to use prescription medications that relax your muscles if your pain is intense.


Pain management physicians may treat pain in localized areas with injections of pain-relieving drugs to provide immediate relief.

Surgical implants

Individuals with pain that is highly resistant to other forms of treatment may benefit from surgical implants. Spinal drug delivery systems placed just under the skin deliver pain medication a little at a time. Spinal cord stimulation implants, also implanted under the skin, provide pain-relieving electrical signals to affected areas.


Rehabilitation can help maintain and increase the overall function of some regions of the body and can help decrease the depression and stress often associated with chronic pain. It may also reduce dependence on pain medications over time.    

Let the experienced physicians at Amsterdam Medical Practice create a personalized plan to alleviate your pain. Call to make an appointment or book your appointment online today.